Restoring Dignity: A Toolkit For Religious Communities to End Violence Against Women

This toolkit offers the tools to carry out awareness, prevention and advocacy programs to help bring an end to violence against women. The toolkit outlines an overview of violence against women and its different forms, and then it connects violence against women to other pressing global problems, including HIV/AIDS, poverty, war and conflict.

The toolkit provides practical resources and tools for people of faith to use their religious background and moral and spiritual capital to take actions to eliminate violence against women.

Action areas include: education and awareness; prevention; advocacy; organizing an inter-religious retreat; support and care; addressing justice: ending impunity; partnering with the media; and monitoring and evaluation. There is a sample tool corresponding to each action area that may help carry out the action. Faith communities and religious leaders can use these tools and develop new ones to effect change as they unite across faith lines and around the globe to defend and restore the inviolable rights and dignity of women and girls.

Download Restoring Dignity – Toolkit in English

Download Vratimo Dostojanstvo – Toolkit in Bosnian

Download Restaurando La Dignidad – Toolkit in Spanish