As a person of faith, I am aware that my religion recognizes the fundamental dignity of every woman and man. I know—according to my religious tradition—that the true dignity of every woman is given by and rooted in the Sacred. This dignity is inviolable.

I recognize with deep sadness that violence against women is still prevalent. It occurs in public and in the privacy of the home. It is unspeakably hurtful to women and girls. It also damages families, communities, and ultimately all of us. Violence against women takes many forms, including domestic violence, rape and its use as a weapon of war, the practice of forced marriages of girl children, the bearing of the brunt of extreme poverty and the selective aborting of unborn females, among others.

Eliminating violence against women and girls is both a religious duty and personal obligation. Doing so will also nourish all of us for healthier and more fulfilling lives.


Print and sign Restoring Dignity Pledge and mail to:
Religions for Peace
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