Filipino Youth Say ‘NO’ to Violence Against Women
Will You?


As part of “Restoring Dignity – Religious Youth Say No to Violence Against Women” members of Religions for Peace Philippines Interfaith Youth Network are currently engaging in initiatives to increase awareness and engagement of religious leaders and youth within faith communities to advance the prevention of violence against women and girls, which stems from the inequality and discrimination of women in the Philippines. The network is specifically addressing domestic abuse, the most prevalent form of violence against women in the Philippines, which stems from a long history of colonization and patriarchy in the Philippines. This patriarchy in the Philippines is still prevalent and allows for husbands and male family members to commit violence against women in the household.

The network is currently planning three separate training programs will provide trainings on the religious principles of respect of women and girls and their inalienable rights and how religious communities can advance these rights. Additionally, participants will be educated on the patriarchal culture in the Philippines that renders women inferior and subject to abuses, as well as the primary actions to prevent violence against women and girls in the household.