Argentinian Youth Say ‘NO’ to Violence Against Women
Will You?


As part of “Restoring Dignity – Religious Youth Say No to Violence Against Women” members of Religions for Peace Argentina Youth Network are currently engaging in initiatives to end violence against women in Argentina by addressing the “machismo” culture in Argentina that fuels such violence. Members of the network will educate the public about gender inequality throughout Argentinean society and the need to end inequality that degrades women and spurs violence against them.

The youth network is currently planning a youth seminar in Cordoba, which will educate participants about machismo in Argentina, and how to combat it by advocating for the rights of all women and spreading the message of respect for women and girls. Young men will specifically be targeted in this seminar. Participants will be equipped with the knowledge on this issue and will be provided specific examples of actions to be undertaken in their communities. Media will be invited to the seminar, and participants will create artwork on the issue to share with their communities.

Upon culmination of the seminar, participants will return to their communities with further knowledge on the issues of machismo and violence against women in Argentina and will engage in concrete action to address these issues.