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Restoring Dignity is a global initiative engaged by Religions for Peace to introduce the issue of violence against women as a fundamental challenge of peace making.


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In Kenya, Youth Organized Awareness Camps on Gender Violence

The Youth program, in partnership with Men Engage Kenya Network, organised two awareness camps in Nairobi, on Sexual Reproductive Health and Gender Based Violence.

The forums provided youth leaders with information on topical issues around SRH and GBV besides formation of a peer-to-peer network and development of plans of action for enhanced intervention. One of their immediate actions was participation in an urban festival dance on February 14th 2013, aimed at stopping Violence against Women. This dance was organised by V-One Billion Rising and Coalition on Violence Against Women. Men Engage Kenya is working with the African Council of Religious Leaders Youth program, along with other youth organizations, to build a new approach on preventing and stopping violence against women, by specifically teaching and training boys and young men.

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Violence against women causes horrific physical, psychological and spiritual suffering and too often, it kills. Sex trafficking, rape, sexual harassment, and domestic violence are some forms of violence impacting women in all their roles, including as mothers. Violence against women damages families, communities, and ultimately all of us.